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During my studies I started ,at first, to just experiment with mediums and play. Growing up I was never encouraged to look at art as a career but as I kept spending more time at the art building the more I started to realize that I had to make art making and part of my life.

Drawing from university

In one of my drawing classes we had to bring in an object that we found boring an a piece of paper taller than we were . I brought in a Q-tip and a piece of paper that was about 5 foot by 4 foot, from that point on I very much enjoyed working on that scale. The point of the exercise was to take this boring object and make it something that was interesting to look at .

I really enjoy mixing mediums and seeing how different styles and mediums interact with each other . For this pieces I had some coffee grounds laying around and an old stale cup of coffee so I grabbed a brush and started painting and spilling the coffee on the paper and added texture with the coffee grounds.

Drawing from university
Drawing from university

A number for my works became very centered on the female form. Especially after taking a few figure drawing classes. This when I started to really see the power in creating and self expression. 

Continuing with the female form I started to experiment with using tools and mediums in different ways. In this piece I wanted to see if I could make paint look like stone but o a 2D surface. So I used a pallet knife and lots of layers of acrylic paint to create this image.

Here I started to mix different mediums together and build on the idea of blending 2D with 3D. In this series I took very well known depictions of Venus and turned them on their head. I called this series The Tartification of Venus.

Near the end of my University days and with a lot of encouragement from my professors, i started to use past traumas in my work. I did a series of photographs that dealt with sexual trauma and it was the first time I had given over creative control to someone else.

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