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After living in Taiwan for about 7 years and a number of life changing events I moved to a bigger city and started to work with a non profit art space called Lei Gallery. There I had my own studio space and worked with the founder Jon Renzella to set up shows and find artists. 

work from 2014-2022

This series of drawings was done as a response to looking so different to everyone around me.

While in University , digital art was just coming into play and I really didn't take to it at that point, but once i got my hands on a friends iPad and Apple pen and the program Procreate I was hooked.

digital work from 2014-2022
black and white work from 2014-2022

I found a bit of a niche when I started doing black and white pet portraits using white conte on black paper.

Paint and Pottery was a collaboration between myself  (Paint) and Kate Nicholson (Pottery). The inspiration came from photographs that Kate took while walking around various cities and towns in Taiwan. Her eye for details that bring out the charm in architecture is what caught my eye .

All Images belong to @jeanchristophecharrier

collaborative show from 2022
work from 2022

In 2019, after a visit home to Canada I had decided that by the end of 2020 I would move back. In April of 2020, along with the pandemic taking hold I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer at the age of 37. After I got settled into my new normal I decided that I wanted to have one last show in Taiwan before I moved back to Canada, and so I got back to my roots and started to mix 2D and 3D again.

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