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I have had the privilege of living in four different countries on three continents. My art journey started to gain traction in University and was put on hold for a few years when I first moved to Taiwan. Luckily, I met the right people and opportunities came by that I took full advantage of.

In Taiwan I had the chance to help run a gallery and continue to grow as an artist. I started teaching art to adults and found that very fulfilling. 

When planning my move back to Canada the pandemic hit and along with that I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer at 37. Moving back got pushed back almost two years but when I finally did make it back I knew I wanted wake up everyday loving what I did , and so I have been focusing on making and selling my art and found a new love in making polymer clay earrings.

I hope that as you browse my site and go though my work, you find something that connects with you and makes you feel heard and seen.  

this is me
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